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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Are all your products hand made?

Yes, our products are hand made with natural ingredients such as organic oils, essential oils, mica powders, and lye powder.

Why should I buy your soap rather than those available in retail stores?

Commercial soaps are detergents filled with chemicals, synthetic products and harsh chemicals. However, our soaps are 100% real soaps. It only takes one time use of our soaps to realize the difference; it feels so much better on the skin. It’s made with natural plant-based oils, as well as combined with sodium hydroxide to form glycerin and fatty acid salts. The natural glycerin increases the hydration, produces a creamy leather and leaves a fresh moisturizing feeling to the skin.

Are there any allergies associated with your skin care products?


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Do you ship internationally?
Are all your products hand made?
Can I have a list of the ingredients in your skin care products?

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